Faiba TV

Transform Your TV into a Smart One

Enjoy Free To Air Digital Content

Faiba TV box is an Android TV set-top box which transforms any TV into a smart TV and enables users to access online on-demand content, both free and paid, through preloaded apps or apps downloaded from the Google Play Store using a high speed internet connection. Faiba TV box also allows access to local free to air digital content adding to the already vast content you will have access to online

What can you do with a Faiba TV box?

Video conferencing/video chat
Faiba TV comes with an in-built camera and the remote doubles up as a microphone to allow you to use the multiple video conferencing applications available on the Google Play Store for your business or social needs.
Access to vast content
Faiba TV box allows the user to access movies, music, news, local content e.t.c. both free and paid through the many apps available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded directly to the Faiba TV box.
Cast from your phone or computer to your TV
Faiba TV box acts as a Wi-Fi access point that allows content to be beamed across the room via Wi-Fi to it for viewing on your TV.
Connect to multiple devices
Faiba TV comes with many different ports for example USB, HDMI, composite video & Ethernet ports as well as an SD card slot and Wi-Fi. With all these, you can be able to connect multiple peripheral devices to the box like keyboards, game controllers, external drives e.t.c.
Play your favourite games
Since the Faiba TV box is Android based, you are able to download your favourite games from the Google Play Store. Also, from the multiple interfaces available on the box, you can connect game controllers to complete the gaming experience.

Small And Compact Device

The Faiba TV Box, for all its capabilities, is a small, sleek and portable device. This means it will not take up much of your shelf space and also isn’t bad to look at!.

Simple installation procedure

Faiba TV box is plug-and-play meaning you can connect the device yourself to your TV without the need for our engineers. With the various connection interfaces available on the device, it is virtually compatible with all the TVs currently in the market

Get Yours Today!

With a minimum of 5Mbps internet connection, you can enjoy seamless streaming of all the content you are able to access with the Faiba TV box. A one-time fee of Kshs. 10,000 for the Faiba TV box and start enjoying your favourite TV shows, games, movies e.t.c. You can buy the device via Mpesa Paybill No. 330330 A/C name JTLK1 or cash at JTL offices.