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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered.


Faiba is the latest JTL high quality, world class fiber to the home network. With faiba Internet you get very many benefits:

  • The whole house can go online at the same time with no drop in speed
  • Access Video Conferencing and IP phone services with high definition (HD) clarity
  • Access online TV and stream movies without interruption
  • Play your favourite games online
  • Download music in a flash
  • Access distance learning and many others

The possibilities are endless….

Among many other features fiber optic is faster and is future proof meaning the fiber infrastructure we install now will meet ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment) needs of today and the foreseeable future.

Some of the benefits of optic fibre over other internet access connections are:

  • It’s the most advanced way to enjoy broadband.
  • Clear highest quality signal for sound, data and graphics
  • Extremely high speeds available up to the speed of light
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Higher reliability and no drops in speed with distance or number of users
  • Your connection is not affected by weather conditions or obstructions to signals

In order to get Faiba to your home or business premises, we need;

  • Your physical location address. City, Estate/Street, Building/Home number
  • Your Home/Company billing and contact details such as Full Name, Email address, Phone number, Location.
  • When you contact the sales team, you will be advised if we are able to provide Faiba in your area.
  • If yes, advance payment will be made for survey and installation purposes.
  • You will be asked to choose an installation date.
  • Once we have confirmed your chosen date one of our engineers will come to do a survey and set up the Faiba connection. A fibre cable from our network will be run underground or overhead to your premises. Your Faiba connection will run along the outside or inside of your home to the JTL router that will be mounted at a convenient location inside your building.
  • One of our expert engineers will then visit your home or office at a convenient time for you to install and set up your Faiba service. Once it’s all up and running, the engineer will show you how everything works.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via:
Email: or
MObile: 0711 054 100, 0711 054 000, 0711 054 140, 0711 054 141

We value your opinion and look forward to delivering world class services to you.

We have the below 2 units that we install at client premises:


What does the RED (LOS) LED light mean?

A constant Red LOS LED light means Loss of Signal and usually indicates a physical or logical issue with the connection. If this light is on then it should be reported to 0711054100

A blinking Red LOS LED light means that the connection is temporarily disconnected due to a billing issue. Kindly get in touch with our support team via 0711054100

What does the GREEN (PON) LED light mean?

This means Passive Optic Network and usually indicates that the router is connected to the internet

What does the GREEN (WLAN) LED light mean?

This means Wireless Local Area Network and usually indicates that the Wi-Fi signal is being broadcast by the ZTE router

NB: if this is not on, then kindly press the “Wlan” button located at the back (model ZXA10 F660) or top (model ZXHN F660) of the ZTE router

What does the GREEN Lan1/2/3/4 light(s) mean?

This means that you are physically connected (via LAN cable) to either port